Parent Open House

LOCATION: Youth Room

DATE: 08/11/2019     TIME: 10:45 am

Picture this: Your kid is starting a new school year. Maybe this is just a normal year. They are going into 7th grade or they are going to be a sophomore, nothing is really changing (or is it?). You know how this year is going to work. But maybe you have a 6th grader, or a freshman, or a senior and this year is bringing all sorts of change!

Regardless, our staff and volunteers are here to help you and your student navigate the year not only as they grow in their faith and relationships, but also as they experience puberty, new friendships, harder classes, after school clubs, and the bus ride.

Help us, help you! Come to our open house to meet their group leaders, hear about our plans for the year, and show your child that you care about their spiritual life too!