Congregational Survey

    Good Samaritan Lutheran Church Congregational Survey


    This survey is being initiated by the Church Council of the Good Samaritan Lutheran Church
    for the following purpose:
    a) Survey the demographics of our congregation;
    b) Evaluate how we the Church meets people's spiritual needs;
    c) Provide feedback so the Church leadership can more accurately set goals for the future; and
    d) Help the Church leadership see how to better reach out to our community

    All who are involved in Good Samaritan Lutheran Church (hereafter referred to as "our church") are encouraged to complete the survey. We want to hear from all ages and perspectives; from official members and non-members who participate in any church activities; from those who have been associated with our church for a long time and from those who are new.

    Please complete only one survey per person. Individual survey responses are confidential. A summary of collective responses will be publicly available. The survey opens May 22th, and closes at 5:00 p.m., June 10th. Completed print-based surveys should be returned to any usher on weekends or the to the office during the week.

    We thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback.

    Council Members:

    Don Lorfing, Scott Hove, Rick Byrnes, Barry Tschopp, Regina Vermeulen, Paul Eckhart, Jane Forbes, Erika Noltie, Pete Peterson, Lisa Taylor, Christy Wollin

    I. Person Information

    Your Age (required)

    Family Information (required)

    How many children (required)

    If Children, what are their ages? Separate by commas

    Service you attend (required)

    How many services a month do you attend (on average?)

    How long have you attended Good Samaritan?

    Number of activities you are involved with, outside of worship services: Such as: mission trip, choir, small groups, Bible study, usher, reader, greeter, communion asst., committee member, council, counter, youth ministries, quilting, etc…

    Is there anything we could be doing that would make it easier for you to get involved at GSLC?

    II Worship

    Please rate the specific areas of Good Samaritan referenced below using a rating scale from 1 to 6.
    1 is the lowest/most unsatisfactory.
    6 is the highest/most satisfactory.

    Quality of worship experience: (required)

    Quality of music: (required)

    Friendliness of congregation: (required)

    Friendliness of Pastors: (required)

    Quality of Sermons: (required)

    What do you enjoy most about worship at Good Samaritan

    What do you the least about worship at Good Samaritan

    III Facility

    Do you find the Good Samaritan campus to be well maintained and clean? (required)

    IV. Spiritual Growth and Church Life

    Do you feel like you are growing spiritually through your participation at GSLC? (required)

    What activities or ministries at Good Samaritan are helping you grow personally or spiritually?

    What activities or ministries could we add or improve that would help you grow personally or spiritually?

    Do you feel GSLC fulfills its mission to be a community that “Loves God, Loves People, and Makes a Difference”? (required)

    Please take a minute to explain how GSLC fulfills or does not fulfill its mission to be a community that “Loves God, Loves People, and Makes a Difference”

    V. Outreach and Evangelism

    If you have been a part of Good Samaritan less than 5 years what attracted you to GSLC?

    If you have been here longer than 5 years why do you continue to come to Good Samaritan?

    Have you invited someone to church or to a church activity in the last year? (required)

    If yes indicate why you invited them:

    What did you invite them to attend?

    If you have not invited someone in the last two years (I know this may be an awkward question) why not?

    VI. Communication & Accessibility

    Do you feel GSLC does a good job communicating events and activities that take place outside of worship services? (required)

    How would you describe your experience interacting with leadership and staff? (required)

    What forms of communication work best for you (check all that apply) (required)
    EmailFacebookTextingWebsiteNewsletterSnap ChatHandouts/InsertsWorship Service Spoken AnnouncementsBulletin Announcements

    Do you have any suggestions on ways we can improve how we communicate events and activities or be more accessible?

    In order to help the leadership improve it’s ministries to you, your family, or the community please use this area to write
    down what you consider to be three areas of strength at GSLC:

    In order to help the leadership improve it’s ministries to you, your family, or the community please use this area to write
    down what you consider to be three areas that could be improved at GSLC:

    Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey!!! We value your opinion and appreciate your feedback.