Good Samaritan Lutheran Church

The prayers and praises of the first Good Samaritan pioneers rang out joyfully on December 12, 1976. Southwest Las Vegas was wide open space at that time. The congregation met in a hardware store during 1977, and was formally organized on October 23, 1977. The store was the Rainbow Mercantile Hardware Store, located at 3558 South Jones, which has since burned down. With 100+ charter members, enthusiasm for the Lord, and a faith that was growing, a congregation was planted that has flourished! Good Samaritan was the first Christian congregation in a building in Southwest Las Vegas. In this early location, the altar and pulpit were made up of the store’s wallpaper display tables. The church later relocated to its long-time location at Flamingo and Torrey Pines. After outgrowing that facility, the church was relocated in 2008 to a new campus. Since our transition to the new facility we have been continuing to grow both as a congregation as well as a school, Good Samaritan Christian Academy. We provide a legitimate alternative to the other congregations around us as we are the only mainline congregation within a radius of several miles.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)