God does not want us to go through life alone, or feel lost in the crowd on Sunday morning.

God wants us to experience the joy of being together as a church family. So, at Good Samaritan we love to get involved.

We learn more about God’s word and what it says for our lives today with small groups.

We also learn more about each other and share God’s love in small groups.

Fellowship & Support Groups — Build Friendly Relationships

Bible Studies

Spend time, relax, have fun, and learn more about the Bible and its relevance in your life.

Come together with others no matter how knowledgeable or familiar you are with the Bible. All are welcome!

Service Groups

Apply God’s word in your life and in others’ by serving one another.

Reach out to fellow worshipers and to the community.

Fellowship Groups

These small groups focus on fellowship and meeting new people.

They most often include food and fellowship with a shared love of Christ.