DATE: 05/02/2021     TIME: 11:30 am

Welcome to the Tween* years! You’re still a girl, but you are well on your way to becoming a teenager with new ways of thinking about yourself, your friends, and even God. You’re asking questions like:

“What’s unique about me?”
“What’s happening to my body?”
“How do I handle my emotions?”
“Who are my friends?”
“What about technology?”
“How can I know God?”

When you sign up for this group, you will receive a journal designed to help girls think about these questions, and to create opportunities for meaningful conversations with their mom, stepmom, aunts, or other influential women in their life (dads can join too!). Each topic has five days of things to think about, talk about, doodle, and do – as well as things for the influencers to do, too. Take this journey of discovery together and you will both walk away with new tools for life, a deeper connection, and along the way, discover just how treasured you are.

In addition to these journaling prompts, we will meet as a group once a week to discuss, experience, and support one another through this journey.

*The study is designed with tween girls in mind, but all girls 5th-9th grade are welcome! If these topics interest you(r daughter) sign up! Each student registration will receive a journal. Any additional adult registrations are free!


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