Welcome to Rise!
JR High: Sundays @ 10:00AM
SR High: Wednesdays @ 6:30PM

Here we strive to create an environment where our students can wrestle with their questions and doubts to build a strong foundation of faith. Ezra 10:4 says, “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We wills support you, so take courage and do it.” This is exactly what we want! For our students to take ownership of their walk and have the tools to share that with others, while knowing that we )the leaders and other students) are behind them, supporting them along the way.

Jr. & Sr. High
Our Jr. & Sr. High curriculum is Grow, from Stuff You Can Use. Each month we work through a different series, touching on topics like friendship, prayer, wisdom, identity, and family. After the message, our students meet in growth groups where they not only engage in deeper discussions about the lesson, but also share the lives and build supportive relationships.

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Atomic – a 4-week series on Spiritual Habits
Habits! We all have them, so let’s talk about them. Whether you’ve got good habits (like getting enough sleep  or  remembering  to  floss)  or  bad  habits  (like  biting  your  nails  or  checking  your  phone  too  often),  most of your habits are probably small, tiny, hardly noticeable habits. But over time, those tiny habits can really impact your life, for good or bad. So what about your spiritual habits? What are the small things you do every day that either draw you closer to God or keep you at a distance? In this 4-week series, we’ll discover  some  principles  from  Scripture  that  have  the  power  to  help  you  develop  tiny  habits  that  can  make a big impact — habits like spending time with God, investing in your relationships, sharing your faith story, and worshiping with your life.